Accelerating Developer Productivity with AI: 3-Hr Workshop

BJSS Limited

This half-day workshop, hosted by experienced BJSS technology consultants, focuses on accelerating the Developer Experience (DevEx) in the era of AI

As a technology consultancy at the forefront of innovation, BJSS recognizes that the Developer Experience (DevEx) is pivotal in shaping successful software projects. Our half-day workshop, centered around the Microsoft Developer Platform, equips developers with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

The Microsoft Developer Platform seamlessly integrates three essential components: • GitHub: The beating heart of open-source collaboration, GitHub empowers developers to share, contribute, and iterate. Our service leverages GitHub’s capabilities, enabling efficient code management and version control. • Visual Studio Family: From Visual Studio Code to Visual Studio Enterprise, this suite caters to diverse developer needs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding coder, our platform ensures a tailored IDE experience. • Azure: Microsoft’s cloud platform, Azure, provides scalability, reliability, and security. Our service integrates Azure seamlessly, allowing developers to build, deploy, and manage applications with confidence.

Our half-day workshop covers critical aspects of DevEx: • Rapid Environment Setup: Learn how to swiftly create development, testing, and production environments. We minimize friction, allowing you to focus on coding. • Observability and Governance: Understand best practices for monitoring, logging, and tracing. Explore governance mechanisms to ensure compliance and security. • Secure Networking and Repositories: Dive into secure networking practices and repository management. Protect your code and collaborate confidently. • Reduced Friction Development: Preconfigured workstations and reusable templates streamline coding. Quality improves, and productivity soars.

Collaboration and Scalability • Seamless Collaboration: Our platform fosters global collaboration. Whether you’re working with colleagues or external vendors, consistent communication and version control are assured. • Scalability: As your application grows, scalability becomes critical. Our tools empower you to handle increased demand efficiently. • Speed to Deploy: Time-to-market matters. Deploy applications rapidly without compromising quality.

Unlocking Creativity with AI • Generative AI-Assisted Workflows: Imagine an AI collaborator suggesting code snippets and refactoring options. Boost productivity and creativity. • Enhanced Code Quality: AI-powered analysis identifies issues, vulnerabilities, and bottlenecks. Cleaner, more reliable code results.

Security First • Writing Secure Code: Our platform emphasizes secure coding practices. Encryption, input validation, and resilience are paramount. • Rapid Vulnerability Response: Stay ahead of threats. Swiftly address vulnerabilities and maintain a secure application landscape.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or embarking on your coding journey, BJSS invites you to explore the possibilities.

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