Data Migration: 2-Day Assessment

Blackbook ai’s fast paced migration solution assessment will deliver an understanding of your cloud migration dependencies, implications, and requirements.

The rapidly changing digital landscape across Australia has driven businesses to accelerate their path towards cloud migration.

Blackbook ai provides a full data migration solution assessment including databases, ETL, Analytics solutions (Tabular cube) and reporting. Our Data Migration Assessment caters to organisations at each stage of their cloud journey. It is a fast-paced discovery to help our customers to assess the feasibility and options available to cloud benefits.

A migration assessment exercise results in understanding:

  • System dependencies
  • Compliance needs
  • Technology implications
  • Infrastructure needs

Based on the information gleaned from this assessment, Blackbook ai is set to plan your future migration phase path and set priorities. This can vary from 2-4 weeks depending on the workload. We offer comprehensive data and professional services, such as cloud cost assessment, cloud adoption framework, proof of concept, analytics advisory, and implementation on the Azure platform. See our other Market Place offers.