Azure Red Hat Openshift Build: 16Wk Implementation

BlakYaks limited

BlakYaks Provide an enterprise grade Azure Red Hat OpenShift build engagement utilising established and proven designs, patterns, architecture, code and operational frameworks.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) is a comprehensive solution for hosting container workloads at scale on Microsoft Azure. This “build” engagement naturally follows the BlakYaks ARO design engagement but can also be provided standalone for customers that are approaching the end, or have completed of an enterprise Azure ARO design cycle already.

Getting the ARO enterprise build right is a critical step before deploying production workloads, services and data. BlakYaks have established enterprise grade designs, builds, IP and operational frameworks that help customers prepare fully for hosting business services safely and securely and ready to be operated at scale. This engagement delivers a comprehensive build project over a 3-4 month period typically.

The key deliverables and outcomes as a result of this engagement include, but is not limited to:

  • An Infrastructure as Code base for the automated deployment of an Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) platform.
  • A platform that is built to specification (compliant with agreed design and meets stated customer requirements that have been captured in the design phase).
  • A platform that is fully integrated with other enterprise container eco-system components (e.g. Dashboards, logging, Identity and access management, reporting, monitoring, alerting, etc.)
  • The build will include baseline open-source technologies as well as 3rd party COTS technologies that work well with the platform. This can be customised to integrate with existing technology investments that the customer may have.
  • A set of runbooks/playbooks needed for managing and operating the platform through its life-cycle.