Azure landing zone IAC design: 4-Wk Implementation

BlakYaks limited

Provide enterprise grade design for Azure landing zones compliant with the Azure cloud adoption frameworks and CIS

BlakYaks will provide customers with an enterprise grade design for Azure landing zones that is deployed with quality Infrastructure as Code modules. When designing landing zones its important to consider the full eco-system of technology services, processes, policies, and organisational needs and how landing zones cater for the various environments needed from sandbox and development through to production and regional fail-over zones. In designing these landing zones, BlakYaks will work hand in hand with the customer to ensure the environment is built securely and is compliant with the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework whilst making use of Azure Policy and CIS benchmarks to deliver an enterprise grade platform ready host production grade services and support a large consumer community. BlakYaks are first class exponents of Microsoft Azure, DevOps, Cloud-Native, Terraform, Infrastructure as Code and cloud security. We advocate the importance of high-quality design covering both the technology landscape and the operational framework needed to manage the Azure environment efficiently and cost effective as it scales. The design addresses the body of code required to build and manage the landing zone and covers the integration of all key landing zone components. Azure DevOps and CI/CD integration will be included in the design along with the integration of core security & identity components as well as secret management and other critical security processes. As well as high quality design outputs BlakYaks will provide a detailed implementation plan that covers all aspects of the code based build & deployment phase.