Azure Well Architected Review - 5 Days Assessment

BlazeClan Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Blazeclan offers Azure Well Architected Review to help customers assess the environment for reliability, cost management, operational excellence, security and performance efficiency.

This service was designed to ensure that workloads were built according to best practices, were cost-effective, and met various performance, security, and operational criteria.


Experience the assurance of peak performance, robust security, and cost-effectiveness within your Azure environment through our all-encompassing Well-Architected Review. Our seasoned team of experts will embark on a meticulous examination of your Azure configuration, pinpointing opportunities for refinement and optimization

Guided by industry-leading best practices and standards, we're committed to elevating the dependability, scalability, and economic efficiency of your cloud infrastructure. This comprehensive assessment is your pathway to an Azure environment that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of performance and security while keeping your costs in check.

Key Features

1. Best Practices Assessment: The service would assess your Azure workloads against the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework, which includes best practices across several key areas like security, reliability, performance efficiency, operational excellence, and cost optimization.

2. Recommendations: After the assessment, you would receive recommendations on how to improve your architecture to align with best practices. These recommendations could include adjustments to your Azure resources, configurations, or application design.

3. Cost Optimization: One of the significant focuses of the review is cost optimization. It helps identify areas where you can reduce unnecessary expenses and ensure that your Azure resources are used efficiently.

4. Security: The review would also evaluate the security of your Azure workloads and provide recommendations to enhance security measures, such as configuring identity and access management, network security, and data protection.

5. Performance: Performance optimization recommendations might include suggestions for scaling resources up or down, improving network configurations, or optimizing database queries for better performance.

6. Operational Excellence: This aspect involves ensuring that your Azure workloads are easy to manage and operate. The review might provide recommendations to enhance monitoring, automation, and operational processes.

7. Compliance: Depending on your industry and specific requirements, the review might also consider compliance issues and provide guidance on how to meet specific regulatory or compliance standards.

8. Reports and Documentation: Typically, you would receive a report summarizing the findings and recommendations from the review. This report can serve as a valuable reference for making improvements to your Azure architecture.


1. Assessment (Day 1)

• In the first week, a team of Azure experts assesses your existing Azure architecture. • They evaluate various aspects, such as security, performance, reliability, cost optimization, and operational excellence.

2. Recommendations (Day 2 & 3) • By the second week, the team provides you with a detailed report of their findings. • This report includes actionable recommendations to improve your Azure workloads based on best practices.

3. Implementation (Day 4) • Over the following weeks, you have the option to implement the recommendations. • This phase may include resizing resources, improving security configurations, or optimizing cost management.

9. Validation and Monitoring (Day 5) • The service continues with ongoing monitoring and validation of the implemented changes. • Regular check-ins and updates ensure that your Azure environment remains optimized.


•	Well-Architected Review Report
•	Recommendations
•	Cost Optimization Recommendations
•	Security Recommendations
•	Performance Optimization Recommendations
•	Operational Excellence Recommendations
•	Compliance and Governance
•	Actionable Steps
•	Risk Assessment
•	Documentation
•	Roadmap
•	Cost Estimates
•	Compliance Documentation