Cloud Adoption & Migration: Implementation 6 weeks

BlazeClan Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Azure Cloud Adoption and Migration Consulting

Businesses are moving to the cloud for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re facing challenges such as hardware failures during peak seasons, an inability to scale or support aging hardware, or serious limitations with security, integrations, mobility, and collaboration. Microsoft has all the tools you need to enable your digital transformation and Blazeclan can be your one-stop, full-service partner to help you make the most of the intelligent cloud.

Azure Cloud Adoption and Migration Consulting

  • Azure Migration Assessment and Planning
  • Infrastructure Migration to Azure IAAS
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Application Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Database Migration to Azure SQL Database

On-Premise to Microsoft Azure Migration: Secure, Robust and Highly Scalable

Enterprise-Grade Security
•Protect Customer & Operational Data: Azure uses industry-standard protocols to encrypt in transit and stored data.
•Block Unauthorized Access: Threat detection limits unwanted traffic.

Robust, Resilient Infrastructure
•High-Uptime: Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
•Dependable Redundant Systems: Built-in fault tolerance, automatic recovery, and back-up and restoration