App Mod Consulting: Implementation 6 weeks

BlazeClan Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Azure Cloud App Modernization Consulting

Businesses have adapted cloud due to its benefits like hardware failures during peak seasons, an inability to scale or support aging hardware, or serious limitations with security, integrations, mobility, and collaboration. But with the daily innovations in Azure, It is necessary to modernize existing cloud apps to leverage the benefits of the latest Azure Services which makes a significant impact on performance, cost, and other parameters.  Microsoft has all the tools you need to enable your digital transformation and Blazeclan can be your one-stop, full-service partner to help you make the most of the intelligent cloud.

Blazeclan delivers easy-to-adopt and time-effective modernization solutions to a broad spectrum of customers. We combine practical experience with technology & business strategy to help you embark on a smooth cloud migration journey.

Azure Cloud App Modernization Consulting includes

  • Existing Application Assessment
  • Selection of the right set of Azure Services stack for Modernization.
  • Conternization of existing apps using docker and Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Perform serverless compute with Azure functions
  • Application Modernization to Microsoft Azure