Chatbot Design Sprint: 4-Hour Workshop


Develop a cloud based chatbot concept in a half-day session with our Chatbot Design Sprint.

What is a Chatbot Design Sprint

Chatbot Design Sprint is a way to develop cloud based chatbots as a team. With our tools your team gets smarter on AI and use that to explore chatbot possibilities.

What is the outcome

The outcome is a cloud based chatbot concept with a functionality defined through a simple user story with a chatbot personality that match your brand and voice. Finally it provides an example conversation illustrating both. All is done with Azure cloud services in mind and fits into an enterprise solution.

When to use it

Maybe you already have an idea for a chatbot? You can use the Chatbot Design Sprint to make it real with your team. Or maybe you need inspiration and knowledge about chatbots and AI? Then you can use the Chatbot Design Sprint for hands-on learning in AI concepts.