Cloud Strategy: 4 Day Assessment.


In this unique 4 day assessment we work with leadership to understand and deliver a business focused Azure Cloud Strategy for our Clients.

We take a hands on approach to developing a business focused Azure Cloud Strategy for our Clients.

In these 4 days we will:

  • Conduct a series of workshops with executive level business and IT leadership
  • Conduct one-on-one information gathering with key business and IT stakeholders
  • Identify common goals and areas of misalignment
  • Capture current state of infrastructure and applications
  • Document current and future business and technology challenges and needs

From this work we will deliver:

  • Future state recommendations
  • A Technology decision frame work
  • Short, medium and long-term cloud opportunities
  • Governance recommendations
  • Security requirements
  • Risks
  • Dependencies

Once this strategy is formally agreed to by all major stakeholders within the organization, our clients find that they are much better equipped to make future technology decisions that are aligned across the company.

No matter where a business is in their cloud journey, we promise to deliver business value and ROI by aligning IT strategy with business goals.