Azure Accelerate

Blue Chip Consulting

Determine the ROI of moving your workloads into Azure. Azure Accelerate helps your operationalize cloud adoption through structured analysis, financial planning, and roadmap development.

The benefits of cloud computing are significant, but the complexity of planning, building, and managing a cloud-based environment can be difficult. That’s why Blue Chip developed Azure Accelerate, a cloud adoption and planning program.

Azure Accelerate brings together best practices, patterns, processes, and tools to operationalize cloud adoption. Leveraging tools like Movere and Power BI, Blue Chip develops detailed financial models and reports to help you determine the cost to run applications and workloads in Azure.

Not only does Azure Accelerate allow you to determine the ROI associated with moving workloads into the cloud, but give you the ability to actually do it.

Program deliverables include insights into server inventory, financial models, target-state architecture drawings, and detailed cloud roadmaps.

Azure Accelerate is delivered by analysts and architects with decades of complex project experience. The structured approach orchestrates the people, process, and policy changes required to operationalize cloud adoption.