ML/AI in Azure: 2-Week Proof of Concept


This engagement introduces the AI & ML options in Azure along with a strategic overview, assessment, and kick-start proof of concept, featuring Azure Machine Learning Services or Azure Databricks.

With expert guidance from a senior BlueGranite consultant, this proof of concept helps organizations understand how Microsoft AI& ML technologies have been designed to maximize the effectiveness of your data science initiatives, regardless of data size or complexity!

Activities and topics:

Analysis & Design Workshop Expert-led presentation of both business and technical topics on the value of Microsoft AI and ML technologies, and how it integrates with the rest of the Azure data platform.

** Readiness Assessment** Assess current data and analytic capabilities including data quality, technology, and human resources. Provide a readiness report of findings and actionable recommendations.

Kick-Start your AI Collaborative session to co-build a proof-of-concept of what Azure ML & AI can offer - how to access data, how to develop analytic models, and share insights across the team.