Catalyst Quickstart:Synapse plus Power BI 4-wk Implementation


BlueGranite's Catalyst QuickStart with Synapse plus Power BI helps you launch your modern data platform in Azure for all future analytics and AI workloads.

This Implementation focuses on rapidly deploying and delivering a key analytical use case on the Microsoft Azure Data Platform, specifically leveraging Synapse Analytics and Power BI. The engagement entails a strategic overview, use-case analysis, and implementation. With expert guidance from a senior BlueGranite consulting team, this engagement helps organizations rapidly deploy and leverage the Synapse Analytics for Azure to enable modern analytics workloads in Power BI, and setting the foundation for Azure ML, or other tools on Azure. The resulting QuickStart will set your organization on a path to leverage a modern data platform for advanced analytics and digital transformation!

Activities and topics:

Analysis & Design Workshop

  • Expert-led presentations on Azure Data Services focusing on Azure Synapse, and key integrations with Data Flows, Power BI, etc.
  • Customer Use Case exploration & definition including audience, ROI, and analytical requirements.

Landing Zone

  • Deploy Azure infrastructure & landing zone.
  • Configure BlueGranite's Data Lake Hydrator for Synapse to rapidly ingest data from source system(s), files, and/or API endpoints.

Use Case Implementation

  • Use Case development: Take advantage of native integrations in Azure and especially between Synapse and Power BI! Accelerated, easy to use implementation with data capture, enrichment, and visualization over virtually any data in Power BI .

Hand Off & Recommendations

  • Environment hand-off, Azure estimate, recommendations for next steps.