Azure Cognitive Services - 12 Week Rapid Prototyping POC

Blueprint Technologies LLC

Accelerate time to value from PoC's that leverage Azure Cognitive Services

Facilitated by a dedicated Innovation team, the Azure Cognitive Services 12-week Rapid Prototyping PoC by Blueprint enables defense and intelligence organizations to expedite the time to get from idea identification to a Proof of Concept (POC) leveraging Azure Cognitive Services. Through a series of workshops, feedback sessions, and targeted workstreams, a small agile team will help you quickly define, develop and deliver a functional POC leveraging Azure Cognitive Services.

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate the time to value from prototypes with our proven Facilitated Innovation methodology designed specifically for rapid prototyping.
  • Intelligently integrate the scalability and sophistication of Azure Cognitive Services into your POC initiative.

To get started, check out how rapid prototyping is a game changer for federal agencies.