Data Science on Azure Maturity: 2 Hour Assessment

Blueprint Technologies LLC

Assess your organization's data science maturity (guided or self-assessment)

Understand your company's data science maturity by evaluating your:

Data readiness | Organizational strategy | Data culture | Data infrastructure | MLOps (Machine Learning, DevOps and Engineering)

Data science using Azure AI is one of the most powerful tools your organization can wield in the Microsoft Cloud, but whether you are just getting started or you've been building a practice for a while, it is important to make sure you're using that tool to its full potential.

Blueprint's team of data scientists - with over 120 years of combined experience - has created an assessment program based on 5 key categories that will help you understand your strengths and opportunities. By bolstering these areas with our best practices and experience in Azure, Blueprint wants to help you achieve more with your data science initiatives in Azure.

Begin with our self-assessment and then Blueprint will walk you through the results, or schedule a guided assessment and get:

✔ A score of your proficiency for each category along with industry-standard best practices to help you improve
✔ A full report with 8+ pages of rich insights sent to your email
✔ Customized recommendations for your team
✔ A roadmap for your organization’s data science journey

Click here to take our self-assessment or to schedule a 2 hour guided assessment