Microsoft Metaverse Stack - 12 Week POC for Retail Sales

Blueprint Technologies LLC

Accelerate your experimentation with Azure IoT, Azure Digital Twins & Azure Synapse

From Azure IoT and Azure Digital Twins to Azure Synapse and Azure Cognitive Services, explore what is possible while fast-tracking your innovation footprint with the Microsoft Metaverse stack using Blueprint’s Facilitated Innovation approach. By combining an iterative customer-centric methodology and a unique toolset, your organization is empowered to drive innovation that aligns with business outcomes, encourages cross-organization collaboration, and aims to develop a culture of innovation leadership within your company.

Facilitated by our Innovation team, the 12-week Microsoft Metaverse stack POC for Retail Sales enables organizations to expedite the time it takes to get from idea identification to a Proof of Concept (POC). Blueprint will augment your team by identifying key internal stakeholders and bringing in external collaborators, influencers, and specialists. Each phase has specific deliverables and timelines created by actualizing feedback, learning, and ideas, which are critical to innovation. The result is a solution that not only addresses the current problem you face but sets you up for success by providing the foundation and structure for future exploration of the Microsoft Metaverse stack.

Key Benefits:

  • Explore and integrate Microsoft Metaverse technologies, including Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Mixed Reality, and Azure IoT to expand competitive advantage
  • Drive adoption of the POC and identify additional opportunities for system improvement with a feedback loop informed roadmap
  • Accelerate production scale with established guiding principles for go-forward standards and best practices.

To get started, learn more about our Facilitated Innovation approach and a look into how our approach cultivates innovation.