Modern Data Estate - 6 Week Implementation

Blueprint Technologies LLC

Modernize your data estate with our Consulting Service, take your data from on-prem to cloud-based and driving efficiency and insights for your business.

Using the power and speed of Azure, Blueprint modernizes your data estate to take full advantage of the Azure platform. Our Consulting Service drives value by allowing clients to access information quickly and efficiently, discover new business opportunities, and acceleration go-to-market speed.

First 15 Days

  • Analyze environment security requirements
  • Design optimal data estate based on our knowledge of Azure

Second 15 Days

  • Develop infrastructure & migrate
  • Validate feedback, iterate & improve

Last 15 Days

  • Test for durability & scalability
  • Plan for long-term operations

Our Modern Data Estate Consulting Service works to increase ROI for clients using Microsoft technologies. By delivering an infrastructure and training on how to use it, clients can easily process data in the cloud, and operationalize into different business categories.

Actual price varies on size and number of data sources