Azure Databricks: One-Day Retail Automation Workshop

Blueprint Technologies LLC

Accelerate your retail automation analytics with an Azure Databricks hackathon.

Accelerate your organization's productivity with Blueprint's 1 Day Azure Databricks Hackathon for Retail Automation. Databricks is the fastest-growing analytics and machine learning platform in the tech industry. Our hackathons drive the creation and launch of new Databricks powered solutions, accelerate the training of your workforce, and develop a solid internal culture around practical Databricks usage.

Facilitated by our group of Azure Databricks specialists, single-day hackathons can be held onsite or virtually for your teams (minimum of 5 members). The curriculum for our single-day retail automation hackathons are ideal for teams with at least a basic knowledge of Azure Databricks and will provide immediate value for developers, designers and technical PMs. This hackathon is meant to enhance your organization’s current journey with Azure Databricks, and can help accelerate the value you're getting out of this amazing platform.

Key Benefits

Quickly generate solutions with nearly 30 different accelerators that range from customer lifetime value to threat detection with DNS analytics. Advance the analytical capabilities of your organization with a series of best practices and patterns with Databricks and your Modern Data Estate. Jumpstart your organization's effectiveness with Databricks via hands-on practical training.

To get started, check out some of our key takeaways for virtual hackathons and an example of an external hackathon we have facilitated previously.