Modern Tech Ops Maturity: 2 Hour Assessment

Blueprint Technologies LLC

Assess your Azure cloud development operations, security practices, automation adoption, and team dynamics

Evaluate your company's strategy in:

CI/CD | Automation | Code Updates | Deployment | SDLC | Team + Work Dynamics | Cloud | Security

Azure offers the most powerful cloud services available for your software and data needs, but are you getting the absolute most out of it? Are you utilizing Azure's Well-Architected Framework? Is your team culture and structured oriented around cloud best practices?

Blueprint's team of Azure architects has created an assessment program based on 8 key categories that will help you understand your strengths and opportunities. By bolstering these areas with our best practices and experience in Azure, Blueprint will help you get more from your engineering efforts.

At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive a maturity index score in all eight of these areas and a total score; both are intended to guide your tech ops strategy by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and highlighting immediate action items to improve efficiencies.

✔ A score of your maturity in each category, along with industry-standard best practices to help you improve
✔ A full report with 10+ pages of rich insights sent to your email
✔ Customized recommendations for your team
✔ A personalized roadmap for your organization’s DevOps improvement and optimization

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