Azure Databricks: Two Week Threat Detection with DNS Data PoC

Blueprint Technologies LLC

Accelerate network threat detection system experimentation on Azure Databricks with Blueprint's anomaly detection accelerator.

Accelerate the scale of your organization's security operations with Blueprint's Threat Detection accelerator for Azure Databricks. This accelerator is a fully functional data science notebook focused on anomaly detection and designed to help customers quickly go from whiteboard to proof-of-concept (PoC) in less than two weeks on Azure Databricks.

This anomaly detection module is intended to be a key part of a customer's Network Threat Detection System (NTDS). NTDS's detect security threats to a computer network based on the recognition of unusual activity observed in the network’s traffic.

Key Benefits

  • Enrich petabytes of DNS data for analytics and uncover unknown threat patterns using the scalability of Azure Databricks
  • Jumpstart your threat detection experimentation with pre-built code and sample data.

To get started, download the accelerator code from our Github repository.