Modern Data Platform: 4-week Strategic Assessment

Blueshift Innovations Inc.

Receive a strategic assessment and plan to modernization your current data management technology.

If you answer yes to any of these or similar questions, lets chat!

  1. Are you trying to do thing with your data warehouse that it isn’t designed to do in the first place?
  2. Do you wish you could monetize your data or create APIs for your customers to consume?
  3. Has your business hoarding data forever, but not actually being successful in applying the data to make informed decisions?
  4. Is your data infrastructure on premise and you need to get to the cloud?
  5. Are you tired of adding more hard drives each time your warehouse run out of space?
  6. Is your data warehouse actually just a database?
  7. Do you need more reliability, scalability, performance or security for your data infrastructure?
  8. Do your users want to self-serve access to the data using a common BI tool?

In this strategic assessment we will deliver a data modernization plan through key activities:

  1. understand your business goals and users expectations
  2. assess your current data and infrastructure environment(s), and
  3. develop a strategic plan and/or technology roadmap with clear recommendations
  4. high-level data architecture and implementation plan

Blueshift™ is an expert in designing and building Modern Data Platforms at scale on Azure using the latest data engineering architectural patterns: • Data Lakehouse architecture pattern across all stages of the data lifecycle – from ingestion to visualization. Traditional data solutions are purpose-built for a specific stage • Data Fabric to simplify data access by automating data discovery, enabling self-service consumption and governance despite where data resides in the enterprise • Data Mesh to handle vast, distributed data consumers and views with domain-specific handling in data pipelines - unlike the monolithic architecture of legacy systems. • Data Virtualization to access data at the source without moving data, accelerating time to value with faster and more accurate queries.   • Metadata Driven to decouple data model from underlying architecture to create agility. Traditional data warehouses require static models that cannot evolve with your business. • Data Governance to processes, policies, and standards that protect data & maintain integrity, and make it available for consumers - with lineage and explainability of how and why data has moved over time. 

We will also evaluate requirements for a new or existing Cloud Landing Zone based on the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework. Specifically, for (1) architectural design (2) security and compliance (3) scalability, reliability, availability and performance. During the assessment Azure’s data platform-as-a-service capabilities will be considered are: • Azure Data Lake Gen 2 • Azure Databricks • Azure Synpase • Azure Functions & Event Grid • Azure Streaming Analytics and/or Azure EventHub • PowerBI

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