Virtual Desktop: 2-Day Assessment

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Get ready for virtual desktop deployment. Gain digital freedom of work and maximum security Learn from experts, plan transformation and lead by example

Flexible, powerful, and secure workstation accessible on demand whenever you are. BlueSoft can help you step into a new age of remote work.

Our experts will guide you through the entire process of deploying virtual desktop infrastructure in Azure.

Get powerful desktops accessible through thin client applications from any mobile device. Tablet, personal computer, home workstation, you can use any device and experience your virtual workstation as if you were sitting in front of your office desk.

Azure Virtual desktops can help your remote workers get what they need when they need it no matter where they are. The entire infrastructure and individual workstations are controlled and managed from within your company. There is no need to bring workstations to the IT department any more.

Azure Virtual Desktops bring compliance and security of your corporate data to the next level. By default, are compliant with major industry regulations (i.e., FSI, healthcare, government). Provide easy and efficient deployment of compliance regulation of your choice. Controlling how your intellectual property is being used was never easier before.

Run Multi-session and single-session Windows 10, Store and legacy app remote, Get free Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, and more.

With this offer, you will get a comprehensive Two Days Assessment that will get you ready to start Azure Virtual Desktop deployment in your organisation. We will work with on:

  • A full assessment of your current infrastructure, including systems, tools, and procedures
  • Image build design strategy
  • License management strategy
  • Security recommendations
  • Cost calculation of Azure Virtual Desktop deployment