Cloud Assessment for ISV 10-days assessment

BlueSoft Sp. z. o.o.

BlueSoft helps ISV partners modernize their infrastructure to maximize potentials of their applications. Cloud Assessment program prepare architecture design for Azure adoption.

Focus on your ideas You put your idea into action -designed, created, and started a system that gives the best value to your customers—focusing on innovations, features, and functions that revolutionize your business.

It’s amazing to see how dreams come true. However, you’re wondering how to best host your application and build infrastructure that allows your application to reach its full potential. Serve the needs of current and feature customers. And how to do that within a reasonable budget. We are here to help.

We build the infrastructure. Our experienced engineers help you build optimal, flexible, and reliable infrastructure that takes most of the administrative tasks out form your shoulders. Letting you focus on what is most important – your ideas. We make a design for you, calculate costs, and advise on how to use the infrastructure in the future best.

We offer you a Cloud Assessment program that helps you plan and build your cloud infrastructure. For 10 days assessment our experts will work on

Infrastructure. How to build flexible, scalable, and reliable infrastructure. During the assessment, we suggest an Azure-based infrastructure solution that will best host your application in its current and future form. DevOps Culture.. We briefly teach you how to make it work as a single organism. You get suggestions on which tools to use and how to deploy it into your organization Keep costs under control. We first estimate your cloud infrastructure costs; then, we teach you how to optimize it and finally give you hints on how to manage your cloud budget in the future best. Improvements. BlueSoft has strong development capabilities. We build applications, and we do integrations, data science, microservices, and many more. Although it’s not the main scope of the assessment, we do our best to give you useful recommendations on wherever we can. Your success is our success.

With BlueSoft Cloud Assessment program you get solid basis for your cloud adoption.