Moving SAP to Azure: a 4-hour workshop

BlueSoft Sp. z. o.o.

Learn how your SAP may fit on to Azure infrastructure. Save money and increase flexibility at the same time.

What you can expect

This is a half-day workshop that will help you understand what are the options for you to use Azure as a platform for your SAP solutions. The workshop will be hosted at your location on the agreed date.

During four hours meeting, you will learn:

  • What challenges SAP owners have to currently deal with, what are the most common pains, and how to address them
  • What Microsoft has to offer in terms of SAP workload
  • What are the possible scenarios for SAP on Azure
  • How to use Azure resources to extend the functionality of your SAP environment
  • How to integrate with other on-premises and cloud resources.

What will you get

By the end of the workshop, you will know why to use the Azure cloud, what benefits it can give you and what kind of scenarios you can build. You will receive all the presented slides and additional documents that will help you make the right decision on how to move with your SAP on the Azure project.