BlueVoyant Microsoft Azure for IoT Hub Health Check - 3 Week Engagement


Optimize your Microsoft Azure for IoT Hub to secure your telemetry data and help improve your security posture

Have you optimized your IoT platform investment?

Azure IoT Hub uses device-to-cloud telemetry data to understand the state of your devices and define message routes to other Azure services—without writing any code. To reduce the security risk of these added devices, Azure has features such as Defender for IoT that provide security posture management and threat monitoring and remediation for the IoT environment.

To maximize your investment, how aligned is your Azure architecture to Azure best practices? When was your last technical Azure platform assessment tied to Azure frameworks, such as data integrity, performance, and Azure usage and adoption?

BlueVoyant's Azure IoT Hub Health Check provides a technical assessment of your Azure IoT Hub platform designed to identify your system's security, performance, configuration, and system reliability problems before they affect your critical operations. Our Health Check includes:

  • Understanding your strategic vision for the Azure IoT Hub platform. We will find the baseline of the current state of implementation and understand near-term operational goals.
  • Benchmark your current state using the key frameworks. We will evaluate your Azure IoT security implementation against best practices in Azure such as the CIS cloud benchmark and layers in industry expertise
  • Develop a high-level future state for IoT. BlueVoyant will work with your team to develop a future state that blends operational goals that accounts for the risk appetite of the organization
  • Prioritized improvements roadmap. Prepare and present a deliverable that features a roadmap and resource requirements