Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Assessment

boxxe Limited

Empowering flexible, secure hybrid working with a highly scalable AVD solution.

Today’s business landscape is changing rapidly, with more pressure than ever to stay agile and work from anywhere. With Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), you can provide your employees a modern Windows experience along with all the apps they need to stay productive.

Start your Modern Desktop journey with a boxxe led, 2-day, assessment specifically designed to understand the current state of your desktop environment and gather information to determine how you should implement AVD for maximum benefit.

boxxe offer a range of AVD services, our Modern Desktop on Demand service is powered by Microsoft’s Azure public cloud to give you the benefits of resiliency combined with a truly efficient modern desktop and excellent service all at simple cost.

You can connect securely to this desktop from most common devices allowing a great deal of flexibility. Whether it is using the Windows client, iOS, or Android device you can connect and stay productive.

What boxxe will do: • Assess your current environment • Identify any issues with your current platform that may need addressing • Understand your current desktop configurations and what is still needed • Define different user profiles within your organization and understand the configurations they will need • Recommend what should be brought forward to a new AVD environment and what can be decommissioned • Design the ideal AVD solution for you and your users • Help define your AVD strategy