Azure Governance: 2-Day Workshop


Workshop to understand your governance requirements and present the overall Cloud governance pillars and dive deeper and finally present an implementation plan.

Cloud governance is a journey not a destination. With several years of experience and proven track record of industry leading Azure governance implementations for some of the largest Azure consumers, we consider ourselves leaders in this space. With this consulting offering, we bring to you wealth of our experience, backed by solid recommendations and real examples to accelerate your Azure governance journey.

Along with an introduction to what governance is and why its important, outlined here are the topics for the workshop. For a detailed breakdown of the topics please look at the attached brochure.

Day 1:

  1. Introduction to Governance, Compliance and Verification
  2. Technology Rundown
  3. Governance at the Management Plane
  4. Governance at the Network Plane

Day 2: 5. Governance at the Infrastructure Plane 6. Governance at the Data Plane 7. Billing & Chargeback 8. AzCop - Governance platform

Each of the items above will be discussed with emphasis on automation and compliance with standards such as HIPAA, FEDRAMP, SOX and more.

The format of the workshop consists of presentations, demos and white-boarding.