App Innovation with AKS - 2 Week Implementation

Brainscale Inc

BrainScale's App Innovation with Kubernetes service will enable your business to take advantage of modern DevOps practices for the containerization of microservices.

Implementation Agenda:

Day 1-4 Architect a Build Release Pipeline - Understand the various moving parts that make up a complex build release pipeline to Azure Kubernetes Service. Learn how to setup the pipeline infrastructure and the various stages of the pipeline through scripting / Infrastructure as code practices.

Day 5-8: Facilitate Developer Inner Loop & the DevOps Outer Loop - Learn about Azure DevSpaces on AKS and how to leverage that technology to let developers use AKS to not only deploy but also develop the software against the AKS cluster.

Day 9-10: Monitor the Pipeline - Integrate automated application monitoring information into the release pipeline and set up monitoring dashboards that can help us understand the health of various aspects of our DevOps processes.

Engagement Outcomes:

Kubernetes Application Patterns - You will understand the world of microservices and gain knowledge around what’s possible with respect to deploying legacy applications to the cluster.

DevOps Knowledge Readiness - Your team will be able to leverage the power of Azure DevOps and be fully equipped to setup a continuous build/release pipeline to your AKS cluster.

Industry Practices in Kubernetes Deployments - We will look at public case studies to understand how industry leaders deploy to their clusters.