AzMigrate - 8 Week Implementation

Brainscale Inc

With AzMigrate, BrainScale will guide you in assessing, planning, preparing, migrating and optimizing your workload migration to Azure

With AzMigrate, BrainScale will perform a detailed assessment for your Infrastructure and applications, provide a detailed plan, prepare a secure landing zone in Azure that meets your organizational compliance needs, perform migration with the tool of your choice and consistently optimize your workload on Azure.

Phase 1 - Analyze Tools like Movere, Cast, Unify Cloud, Azure Migrate will asses your datacenter and application footprint. You will be presented with a Migration Summary, Cloud readiness reports like 5R classification, and TCO for your prospective workloads on cloud. Our team of Azure SME’s will work with your Business owners, ITOps and InfoSec teams to understand your resilience, governance and compliance needs.

Phase 2 - Prepare BrainScale proposes N/W layout and Cloud Foundations Architecture. Based on your compliance needs, BrainScale will map the required security and create a secure landing zone for your workloads. Necessary governance and security guardrails will be laid out on your Azure environment, and a proof of concept will be executed to test Azure grounds.

Phase 3 - Migrate Workload prioritization and Application move groups will be created based on Factory model Migration. AzMigrate will empower you to visualize your migration to Azure in real-time

Phase 4 - Optimize BrainScale will propose best practices for Cost Optimization, DevSecOps, observability and monitoring for all your assets on Azure.