Open Source Modernization - 2 Week Implementation

Brainscale Inc

In just two weeks, BrainScale enables your business to modernize and migrate your Open Source Data Platform with Azure.

During the course of 2 weeks, we understand your business requirements and timelines to migrate the OSS databases and closely align your database migration journey to the proven Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework.

During the discovery phase, our team of Opensource Application and Database experts will help with detailed actives to: • Create an outline of your migration goals as defined by your business • Perform detailed bandwidth and capacity planning for N/W and performance throughput of your databases • Right size and optimize your databases on cloud to scale and meet data growth • Define and secure a landing zone for your applications and databases in the cloud • Propose a revised architecture for your application and database on cloud with detailed monitoring and proactive alerts definition for OSS DB’s like MYSQL and PostgreSQL

Based on the discover and assessment report, we follow through on a detailed migration maintaining business continuity of your applications on Azure. Establish a modernized application and data estate on the founding principles of DevSecOps.