GitHub and Azure DevOps - 2 Day Workshop

Brainscale Inc

In this workshop, we compare and contrast GitHub and Azure DevOps to help participants decide which developer collaboration platform suits their needs.

Workshop Outcomes:

  1. Understand DevOps fundamentals & Industry practices.

  2. Explore the feature set of Azure DevOps & GitHub Enterprise.

  3. Understand the two offerings against a range of parameters such as CICD, Secure development methodologies, Code Reviews, Project Management tools, Hosting requirements, Enterprise hierarchy and permissions, Test Plans, artifact stores, open sourcing work and more…

  4. Cost implications of choosing Azure DevOps vs GitHub enterprise.

  5. Mapping Azure DevOps and GitHub to enterprise hierarchies.

  6. Migrating from older generation Source Control platforms to GitHub or Azure DevOps

Workshop Agenda:

Day 1: Product Introductions - Modern DevOps Introduction, Introduce Azure DevOps and GitHub Enterprise, Explore Feature Set

Day 2: Making the Right Choice - Continue Exploring Feature Sets, Choosing Between the Two Products