WVD for the Enterprise - 6 Week Implementation

Brainscale Inc

Enable your enterprise with an automated/scalable/high available multi regions virtual desktop solution.

With BrainScale's Enterprise solution, we deliver a solution that can - Scale from 50 -1000+ users - Multi region(global) deployment of WVD to multi-region - Fully automated solution integrated with Azure DevOps. - Auto Scaling and right sizing to achieve maximum cost efficiency. - Granular Billing per user for full visibility - BCDR for WVD environment - Fully Integrated Azure Image builder solution

BrainScale differentiators for Enterprise Solution - Auto Scaling of WVD Host Sessions based on utilization / performance - Granular billing on per user level (great for Chargeback to business/application teams) - Self-Service capability for Business / Application teams - Fully automated/Devops integrated solution

To get started with a pilot implementation, visit our rapid deployment offer: https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us/marketplace/consulting-services/brainscaleinc1586814509009.windowsvirtualdesktop?filters=country-unitedstates

BrainScale will enable/deploy WVD environment with below deliverables in 6 week Initial Setup - Scaling beyond 50 -1000+ Users - WVD global architecture design - Sizing and setting up the WVD environment for required users - Connectivity setup (ER/S2S) / AD Setup where required - Setup VNet/Subnet, peering and Firewall Ports required for WVD - Patch Management using SCCM or other tools for WVD - Creation of WVD Tenant / Host Pools / Session Hosts /App Groups - MFA or Conditional Access setup - User profile setup using FSLogix or NetApp files - BCDR strategy and architecture

Complete Implementation - WVD Automation using IAC (Infrastructure as a code) - Fully automated auto scale up/down (Pooled Auto Scaling) - Granular per user billing solution (pooled billing) – - Azure image builder(AIB) for WVD – Setup Azure image builder Devops pipeline to create WVD specific images and pass it to WVD automation. - BCDR Implementation and Setup - Knowledge transfer and handover to Internal IT Teams