SAP & Non SAP Landscape Proof of concept -(7 days)


There will be Proof of Concept along of selected scenario SAP landscape. Customer's Business case will be given Proof of Concept (POC) of SAP on Azure. Proof of concept will last 7 days.

Proof of Concept Details:

Day 1

  • EWA or manual assessment of SAP Landscape to
    estimate Performance-based Azure VM provisioning

Day 2

  • Assessment and Planning Tool – Non-SAP Environment
    using Azure Migrate or Azure MAP tool

Day 3

  • POC – Discussion on Scope and Goal- To have TCO
    analysis on Azure

Day 4

  • Provide Execution Plan of POC -- Azure VM series,
    Storage - Azure Managed Disks, Connectivity from onsite to Azure

Day 5

  • SAP Landscape Provisioning - -Provisioning of Azure VM, Storage, and connectivity using Bram’s Auto deployment tool

Day 6

  • Execution of Migration-for POC - Leverage Azure Migrate/Azure Site Recovery to the provision SAP landscape

Day 7

  • Acceptance of POC and testing


  • Scenarios for SAP on Azure – Lift & Shift
  • MAP or Azure Migrate – Assessment Report
  • HANA Sizing Report and SAPS Calculation Report
  • Cost Optimization for SAP on Azure
  • Migration Plan – For SAP on Any DB to HANA on Azure
  • Solution Architecture – SAP + Non-SAP + Microsoft Azure
    Platform value-added services like Reliable, highly available, and scalable SAP-certified infrastructure
  • Demo of SAP on Azure