SAP (Any DB)Lift/Shift Implementation 4 Weeks)


We are going to perform a belief audit of the SAP Landscape and its integration touch points to ensure the seamless Lift & Shift and deploy to Azure.

Week wise details

Week 1

  • SAP Landscape Audit – EWA Report
  • Assessment and Planning Tool -Non-SAP Environment
  • Assessment report of the current landscape
  • Recommendation on VM series, storage, and network.
  • Detail Architecture plan of SAP Landscape on Azure
Week 2

  • SAP and Non-SAP Architecture and Solution Design
  • Business Case & Cost Optimization based on the current cost analysis
  • Discussion on Deployment Plan and BOQ
  • Executive plan with presentation of SAP on Azure
Week 3

  • Deploy Azure Site Recovery, SAP tools, Network Setup -S2S, Express Route, SAP tools
  • Preparation of Deployment of SAP on Azure using Bram’s Auto deployment tool
  • Provisioning Firewall, Security related to Customer specific environment
  • Checking Integration touch point and provisioning the same on the Azure
  • Testing of connectivity along with SAP integration and scenario testing

  • Network setup-Vnet, Subnet, route, Network Security groups
  • SAP Backup by Native tools and Provision VM using Azure site recovery ,Firewall, Security Best Practices
  • User Testing Support

Week 4

  • Backup -recovery point, DR setup -RTO and RPO, Performance tuning and Handover
  • Preparation and Deployment of Business Continuity Servers
  • Configure Backup Policies and check and configure HANA system Replication where ever required for High availability
  • Identify RPO and RTO and have monthly failover plan testing schedule
  • Performance tuning as per Feedback

  • Backup policies creation
  • Setup of HA/DR as per RTO and RTO requirement
  • Handover and sign off