SAP on Azure - Proof of concept -(7 days)


We are going to perform Proof of Concept of the SAP landscape on Azure a per agreed customer’s chosen business case. It will last for 7 days to show value of SAP on Azure

Proof of concept Details

Day 1

  • EWA report of SAP Landscape to estimate Performance-based Azure provisioning


  • Discover Non-SAP Integration with SAP using Azure Migrate or Azure MAP tool

Day 3

  • Proof of Concept – Discussion on Scope and Goal - To have TCO analysis on Azure

Day 4

  • Provide Execution Plan of Proof of Concept - Azure VM series, Storage - Azure Managed Disks, Connectivity from onsite to Azure

Day 5

  • SAP Landscape Provisioning -Provisioning of Azure VM, Storage, and connectivity using Bram’s Auto deployment tool

Day 6

  • Execution of Migration-for POC - Leverage Azure Migrate/Azure Site Recovery to the provision SAP landscape

Day 7

  • Acceptance of Proof of Concept and testing

  • Deliverables

    • Scenarios for SAP on Azure – Lift & Shift
    • MAP or Azure Migrate – Assessment Report
    • HANA Sizing Report and SAPS Calculation Report
    • Cost Optimization for SAP on Azure
    • Migration Plan – For SAP on Any DB to HANA on Azure
    • Solution Architecture – SAP + Microsoft Azure Platform value-added services like Reliable, highly available, and scalable SAP-certified infrastructure
    • Migration Plan/lift and Shift Plan – For SAP on Any DB or HANA on Azure
    • Demo of SAP on Azure