Azure Application Modernization: Free 1 day workshop

Brickred Systems LLC

We understand that maintaining legacy systems can be expensive, our service will help you modernize your application while still maintaining legacy services, without disturbing business operation.

If you're stuck with a Monolith challenge that is no longer fit for the purpose of your business or adding a single feature in your monolith disrupts the entire application, this free assessment engagement will help you evaluate and qualify the Azure solution option(s) and path available to you


Regardless of what you're running on-premises, we'll find a way to modernize it, without breaking the app or the bank. Our architects will assess your applications and infrastructure in the context of your business goals and your team's strengths to develop a tailored modernization roadmap, with clear milestones. At the end of assessment we will provide:
  • Roadmap for modernizing core business apps, including risk factors, dependencies, and business benefits
  • Categorization of the technical and functional architecture of the targeted state of a modernized solution
  • Action plan to resolve the foundational issues with the existing systems

Modernization Strategies

Aligning with the Delivery goals, Ensuring everyone can prepare ahead of time with talking points, concerns, or questions for the team.

Serverless refactoring

Build self-healing, auto-scaling applications, unchained from the limitations of servers. Serverless architectures offer the highest efficiency and cost benefits of the cloud by pushing nearly all infrastructure and software management to the platform.

Container adoption

When serverless isn't an option, containers are the preference for deploying modern, complex, distributed applications. Containers often require minimal changes to the application, making them the perfect evolutionary step when significant refactoring isn't appropriate.

Cloud-Native Migration

Incrementally modernize your application by adopting managed platform services as drop-in replacements for databases, messaging, API management, logging, monitoring, alerting and more.