Purple Team Assessment: 1 Week Assessment

Bridewell Consulting Limited

Test your organisation's defensive capabilities by conducting a purple team assessment in collaboration with Bridewell

The Purple Team Assessment is a threat intelligence led adversary emulation that leverages Bridewell’s deep understanding of and experience with real world tools/tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to test the effectiveness of your organisation’s prevention and detection procedures. Using insights from the assessment, Bridewell can provide recommendations for improving their security posture through making better use of their existing Microsoft investment and relevant security controls. For organisations utilising Azure, conducting a purple test with Bridewell will help them understand how effectively their defensive would be able to respond to an attack on their workloads, or an adversary attempting to enter their environment.

By undergoing the assessment, organisations can establish whether they have the necessary infrastructure and procedures in place to prevent, detect, and respond to the threats most relevant to their sector and industry and what approaches are most likely to be used by adversaries seeking to compromise their Azure environments. Not only will this help them achieve their broader security objectives, it can aid in identifying hidden vulnerabilities for remediation. As a member of the Microsoft Intelligence Security Association, Bridewell can help organisations identify the right elements within their Microsoft technology stack that can drive the largest improvements in their cyber posture. Given these expertise, having Bridewell on both the 'red' and 'blue' sides of the assessment introduces new expertise and insight into Azure that will help organisations improve their configurations and act as an additional resource to support the work performed by in-house teams.

The Purple Team Assessment Incorporates: • The identification of current threats and ongoing risks to your business, and validate your ability to defend against them • Actionable recommendations based on your specific needs and objectives • Guidance on improving your prevention, detection, and response capabilities in collaboration with Bridewell’s Red and Blue team experts

Why Bridewell?

Recognised as a Gold Security Partner by Microsoft, accredited by the NCSC and CREST, and certified to ISO 27001, 9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus, Bridewell is a highly-experienced and qualified cyber security services provider. Our experts have deep experience working with some of the most highly regulated organisations and sectors, in critical national infrastructure and beyond, which allow them to deliver cyber security services to the highest possible standard. These services are provided on a tailored basis for each customer, helping them resolve their individual key challenges in collaboration with a long-term partner.