Moving your application to the cloud: 2-Day Assessment

BridgingIT GmbH

Examine options about how individually developed solutions can be adapted to be cloud solutions.

Most software applications have to be adapted regularly due to changing user requirements, a changing IT environment, security issues, or changing legal regulations.

The older a software application is, the more expensive those changes tend to be. Often, some changes are not even possible at all. Also, when applications rely on certain operating system versions, etc., simply running them becomes harder with every passing year.

Ideally, an application is built with modern software architecture to keep evolving requirements in mind. To save costs and be able to scale, the application should run on the Azure cloud platform.

Customers invest in modernizing their software applications for a variety of reasons:

  • Enable changes needed for regulatory reasons
  • Save costs to operate applications by running them on Azure
  • Save costs to maintain applications by modernizing the software architecture
Typically, customers save on those investments within 1-2 years

This assessment offering is designed to find out about the status of an application, about the modernization options (or needs) and about further benefits. A typical agenda for the two-day-assessment is

  • Day 1
    • Customer: Presentation of the application from both a user perspective and from an architectural point of view
    • All: Discussion of customer vision for the application
  • Day 2
    • bridgingIT: Preparation of possible options, roadmap, etc.
    • bridgingIT: Presentation of those options, roadmap, etc.