AI Immersion: 1-day Workshop


AI Immersion framework to funnel AI opportunities from idea to execution

Join us with our technology experts for an interactive discussion on AI Immersion framework leveraging Azure capabilities to transform your business:

  1. Discover AI opportunities for your organization with a human-centric design thinking approach
  2. Prioritization of your ideas along with execution plan
  3. Qualify the AI opportunity based on maturity assessment
  4. Make it real with KPIs impact, timelines, tools, tech, data, people
  5. Learn more about industry maturity (ideas, tools, skills)
  6. Analyze the inputs from ideation & potential ROI

We will demonstrate the benefit of a structured approach to defining your AI strategy by showing you examples of how we have unlocked the potential of Microsoft Azure for our customers. You will walk away with a firm understanding of how to leverage Azure AI capabilities to transform the way your organization works and serve your customers more effectively.