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Azure MSP Powered by CLIP™: 6-Wk Assessment


Brillio Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP) powered by CLIP™ offers 360 degree coverage to the enterprises throughout their cloud journey right from assessment to management of cloud environment.

Brillio Azure Managed Services Provider (MSP) powered by CLIP™ is a proven end to end solution to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation. Brillio Azure MSP services are augmented by inbuilt AI/ML engine which drives operational efficiency, improved business outcomes, process transformation and provides actionable insights. Azure managed service provider will provide 360° coverage across real time visibility from migration to management, predictive intelligence, real time insights, event driven automation, cloud expense management with round-the-clock support to ensure maximum availability, enhanced productivity and operational efficiency. This is augmented by Brillio`s CLIP™ to provide a robust, scalable, modular platform for cloud lifecycle management. Azure MSP functions as a strategic method for improving operations and reducing expenses for a business.

Scope of Service:

  • Assessment, Migration, Monitoring, Administration, Patching, Backup, Network & Security support for services in Azure
  • Administration and support for enterprise workloads hosted on Azure
  • Hybrid Datacenter Management
  • Identity & Access Management
Target Audience: IT leadership: CIO/ VP Infrastructure Services Business Benefits:
  • Better TCO
  • Improved business impact management
  • Single pane of glass visibility
  • Increased productivity of workforce
  • Faster time-to-market, efficiency, reliability

Note: Factors affecting pricing estimate can be Size of infrastructure landscape, No. of LOB apps that need to be assessed, Complexity of network infrastructure, Diversity of databases, Maturity of automation tools adoption etc.