Zero Trust Framework: 2-Wk Security Assessment


Avoid network outages caused by human errors or misconfigurations by continuously capturing business intent and aligning security support policies with that intent.

Gearing up to combat the next generation of security threats requires one to ensure the security is Zero trust standards. An intent-based security solution would enable Multivendor Zero Trust through Intent-based Security Policy Management and Integration of security features with the Monitoring Platform for Closed-Loop Remediation of Security Issues. The First step to achieving this is to understand your security posture Discovery all IT Assets the level of security they require, potential threat and recommendation to harden security.

Brillio offers a 2 week enterprise security assessment to discover IT Assets across (6) domains; Network, Infrastructure, Applications, Devices, Data, Identity and recommend MSFT Security tools/services, and essential security solutions and best practices, to harden security for any gaps. We leverage the power of Azure services like Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Azure Analytics Services, and Azure Virtual Network Security, to implement the best in class security to address the challenges. Intent can apply to application service levels, security policies, compliance, operational processes, and other business needs.


  1. Stakeholder Notes (Daily)​
  2. Kickoff Presentation (Week 1 Only)​
  3. Business Driver Presentation (Week 1 Only)​ 4 .Findings, Themes (Weekly)​
  4. Checkpoint Meeting Summary (Weekly)​
  5. Architecture Scorecard/Index (Final)​
  6. Gap Summary and Analysis (Final)​
  7. Current State & Future State Summary (Final)​
  8. Impact Analysis (Final)​
  9. Recommendation Report & Execution Plan (Final)​