PCF Migration to AKS


Leveraging our extensive proficiency in source, target platforms, and a dedicated pool of resources trained on Brillio's PCF Migration Onboarding Toolkit we provide a predictable migration experience.

Brillio's cutting-edge proprietary code scanner meticulously analyzes PCF YAML-based manifest files, capturing intricate application configurations, services, and nuanced environment details. This scanning process seamlessly generates an inventory of all the applications and corresponding services and dependencies. Brillio’s well-established CI/CD pipeline will convert the PCF application code and configuration into containers that deploy it to Azure AKS. BrillioOne.ai will assist in translating the PCF infrastructure into crafting precise ARM templates within Azure, defining the full spectrum of resources requisite for an application. From Azure DevOps, computing, and storage to networking and specialized services, our meticulously designed templates ensure a comprehensive migration experience.

We've built reusable templates, fortified by application trackers and comprehensive migration guides, to expedite transitions Azure AKS. Our proven methodology acts as a blueprint for success, enabling us to commit to outcome-driven contracts with precision-timed schedules, unwavering quality resources, and on-budget deliveries.

Brillio’s proven phased approach for PCF Migration:

Phase 1: Migration Assessment & Planning • Azure Readiness Assessment: Conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify Azure services suitable for your specific needs. This includes analyzing compatibility, identifying migration opportunities, and outlining the benefits of transitioning to Azure services.

• Identify Complex Application Dependencies: rely on Brillio’s proprietary libraries for meticulously identifying their build dependencies to ensure seamless integration post-migration.

• Comprehensive Platform Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint potential gaps within the target platform, enabling pre-emptive measures to ensure a smooth transition.

• Strategic Migration Recommendations: Strategically evaluate and recommend migration approaches such as REHOST (lift & shift) by using Azure AKS and Azure DevOps, REPLATFORM (lift & adjust) using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), or REFACTOR (rewrite & decouple) using Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB or Azure AKS based on the unique characteristics of each application, optimizing the migration strategy for efficiency and efficacy.

• CI/CD Pipeline Enhancements: Offer precise recommendations for refining the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, using Azure DevOps Services, Azure Pipelines & Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) ensuring alignment with the new platform's requirements and leveraging best practices for enhanced efficiency post-migration.

Phase 2: Migration Execution • Migration Roadmap Design: Develop a precise plan with the steps needed to transition from PCF to Azure services, ensuring a smooth and structured shift. • Strategic Application Migration: Migrate a select group of 2-5 representative applications to understand diverse migration needs. • Efficient Factory Model Migration: Utilize our proven factory model for consistent, rapid, and reliable PCF migrations. • Azure & PCF Expert-led Migration Support: Our experts assist in application refactoring, infrastructure setup, and data migration, ensuring a seamless transition to Azure Cloud Services. • Ongoing Support and Optimization: Post-migration, we offer continuous support and optimization services. Our team monitors the Azure setup, identifies optimization opportunities, and provides guidance to maximize the benefits of Azure services.

Measurable Results: • 40% license cost reduction moving from PCF • 40% Cost reduction in Operational Support • 25% reduced compute Cost • 20% improved execution Performance. • 30% Improved Agility and Scalability

Business Benefits: Cost Savings • License savings. Not uncommon to see over 1M+ saving in Licensing costs with the application running on the Latest platform, enhanced security, reduced time to market. • Consolidate Kubernetes support to a single platform reducing operational costs • Reduction in compute cost on target platform. • Implement or Automate DevOps • Time to value as quick as ~3 months Improve Agility, Performance, Security
• Improved application Performance • Increased Security and Openness of Platform • Predictable Migration leveraging Brillio’s accelerators • Renewal/Avoid end of support with PCF • Time to value as Quick as ~ 1 Month

Future Ready & Stable Roadmap Take advantage of the latest cloud-native technologies, like Istio, ArgoCD, and more, available through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) which was not possible with PCF. Kubernetes has a clear forward looking product roadmap and adopted across industry.