Azure Consulting Services: 3 Days Implementation


Start an infrastructure migration and optimization to Azure assisted by Brinel Team

Brinel Team will asses the customer environment and requirements, plan and execute migration and implementation services, configure security requirements and access using Microsoft Azure Platform

The main targeted Azure services are Virtual Machines, SQL Data services, App Services, Storage and Site Recovery and backup Scenarios. Implementation plan, maintenance and support guidelines will be provided upon request.

An Azure subscription will be made available on a trial basis if the customer doesn't own or want to use it's own subscription. If the solution is successful the resources can be moved or the subscription transformed into a paid subscription at the end of the third day.

The services span for an estimated period of 3 days consisting of:

  • meetings for assessment and infrastructure focus in day 1;
  • infrastructure setup and configuration in day 2
  • administrative handover and customization in day 3. Continuous administration services can be offered upon request.

The price and duration will vary depending on customer specific scenarios and requirements.