Azure IoT Quick Check : 1-Day Proof of Concept

b.telligent Deutschland GmbH

With our Azure IoT Quick Check, we enable organizations with the right strategy to get started quickly and in a structured way with the Internet of Things.

To meet the challenges of the Internet of Things, organizations need to know their IoT maturity level first and foremost. Does it have a large number of connected devices and hidden data treasures? Is IoT data analytics with Azure already being successfully implemented so that added value can be generated for processes? Does it have enough expertise in data storage and handling high-performance databases in Azure? All these questions have an impact on the path to the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things still poses challenges for many companies

  • What is the right strategy for IoT projects?
  • What is a good use case for the right start?
  • Which Azure services and tools are best suited and available to support?
  • How are the organization, responsible parties and processes prepared for the Internet of Things?

With our IoT Quick Check we develop a rough concept including Azure target architecture and roadmap for a selected use case, which will be provided to the customer and help to overcome the challenges.


During a 1-day workshop, the current situation regarding IoT is recorded, evaluated and analyzed, followed by the collection and evaluation of use cases and technologies.

The as-is situation, use cases and technologies form the basis for a Azure target architecture, a connectivity concept and a rough implementation roadmap, which are subsequently created by b.telligent and discussed with the customer.