BT CAF Discovery Assessment : 4 weeks

BT Business

Review your current IT services in line with aspirations for Cloud transformation. Audit infrastructure, application services and people.

During the Discovery and Assess exercise, we work with you to look at all in scope services and develop a deep understanding of your current IT services and managed services.

The information gathered will be used in the development of a Microsoft Azure transformation strategy, which will include a service-by-service Cloud transformation map, budgetary costs for Cloud consumption and transformational services, and recommendations for the optimal Microsoft Azure deployment.

At the end of this exercise BT will summarise the information gathered in the form of an Assessment results document. This will include: • List key business stakeholders, application owners and any third-party organisations that may have an impact on this project, including define skills roadmap • Detail any compelling reasons for change, and summary of requirements • If provided, summarise any existing service costs and third-party interdependencies • Summary list of the current services discovered in the estate • Provide an interdependency map for each application service • Summarise current server estate • List areas of the organisation that are in scope for Cloud transformation • Summarise existing application estate delivery model, along with storage, network and security considerations • Detail options to replace or integrate existing tool services into current on-premise services. • Make recommendations for how future Cloud model may look, with options for Landing Zone, Security, application service separation (if desired) and monitoring/optimisation • Provide a high-level (indicative) cost for hosting the application service estate in the Cloud. • Provide a high-level project timeline, detailing key project milestones. This will then be followed by a playback session lead by BT.