BT CAF Strategy and Vision workshops: 4 days

BT Business

A series of workshops focused on educating you on the value of the Cloud, reviewing challenges faced by the business and assessing how this can be positively impacted by a Cloud transition.

The first element of any successful migration to the Cloud is gaining a full understanding of the challenges impacting an organisation and compelling reasons for change. Our Strategy and Vision workshops focus on bringing key business stakeholders, IT personnel and application owners together mapping out the benefits associated with the transformation to Microsoft Azure, discussing the key considerations for business transformation to Microsoft Azure and providing a high-level view of how Cloud consumption and costings work and the impact this has on the organisation.

The following workshops will be delivered during our Strategy and Vision phase:

Day 1 - Business adoption readiness : - This workshop validates if your business is ready for change and understands the cultural and process changes that will need to be considered. The workshop will also consider where the business is its Cloud journey and validate if this meets both the current and future business needs. This is an open workshop aimed at key IT and business stakeholders.

Day 2 - Does the business understand the Cloud - We will work with key teams within your organisation to assess the impact of moving to the Cloud, along with consideration for application service transformation.

Day 3 - Define Business requirements - It's important to understand how the Cloud can deliver value to an organisation. During this workshop we map out the current needs of your organisation and define any future business aspirations. This also includes discussions on growth expectations or operational changes.

Day 4 - Culture workshop - It's important to ensure the business understands what driving change and how it will impact them. During this workshop we map out the changes that may occur and discuss with business leaders, key application stakeholders, end user and IT representatives.

Following the workshops, we will present our findings and key points back via email and conference playback.