BT Cloud Adoption Services - Virtual WAN (2 weeks)

BT Enterprise

Enable secure access to Azure based services using our Enterprise ready landing zone blueprints and services.

Secure network connectivity is at the heart of the BT Enterprise Virtual WAN Landing Zone service. Our service brings together a number of strategic BT portfolio offerings under a single product service, at the core is our networking capabilities the foundation of BT Enterprise. To compliment this we've integrated our Cloud Adoption services and finally complimenting the stack, BT Security overlaying our industry leading security products and services. Our Enterprise Landing Zone offering streamlines how our customers consume services and provides a stable platform for business growth.

The Enterprise Landing Zone covers:

  • Connect Branch offices to each other connectivity (via connectivity automation from Virtual WAN Partner devices such as SD-WAN or VPN CPE)
  • Site-to-site VPN connectivity
  • Remote user VPN (Point-to-site) connectivity
  • Private (ExpressRoute) connectivity
  • ExpressRoute with encrypted VPN connection
  • Intra-cloud connectivity (transitive connectivity for virtual networks)
  • Routing
  • Azure Firewall
  • Encryption for private connectivity