Managed Kubernetes and DevOps Services: 8-Wk Imp.


Implementation and management of Kubernetes and DevOps platform for more secure, agile and sustainable development of modern scalable application

With our experience based and practically tested platform services, we will provide you higher value services. Once your business starts requiring higher availability, geographical redundancy, scalability, our platform services come in handy to implement it. We will analyze your current (As-Is) infrastructure, prepare architecture of Azure services to provide optimal (cost and reliability ratio) cloud services and provide you with custom most suitable solution for your business requirements.

Typical services most customers need include:

  • Need analysis, task definition and project planning
  • Migration of current application architecture (As-Is) to Azure infrastructure services, testing and preparation for refactoring
  • DevOps assistance in reengineering and refactoring of existing application architecture to containers and actual migration to Kubernetes platform on Azure
  • Practical implementation of DevOps processes and practices to make your development team more efficient
  • Implementation of BTT Cloud best-practice based DevOps platform
  • Training and onboarding of system developers to work in Kubernetes platform with BTT Cloud DevOps List is not limited and not always all above are needed.

Price below is provided for the initial implementation, which typically includes above activities. However, price varies depending on five things:

  • complexity/size of current As-Is solution architecture
  • solutions readiness for cloud/containers - how much changes needs to be done and how much time it takes for your developers to reengineer solution to work on cloud/container services
  • maturity and readiness of your developers: they already have containers/Kubernetes experience or not at all
  • effectiveness on third-parties or in-house admins to support migration of solution to Azure: how much support and willingness they will show in migrating solution
  • travel to client or your premises (if needed), and other expenses