Azure Discovery: 3 Day Azure Workshop

BUI (Pty) Ltd

BUI’s Azure Discovery Workshop follows a defined and repeatable process to share the wealth of Microsoft Azure Cloud. BUI showcases the Azure value proposition, concluding with a Proof of Concept.

The BUI Azure Discovery Workshop reduces the risk of cloud adoption through a defined and repeatable process, sharing the wealth of Microsoft Azure Cloud. Discover the value of Azure through a defined and purpose-built proof of concept, reducing the risk of costly adoption mishaps, by providing you with practical sessions during which we enable and test workloads relevant to your business needs.


  • Azure platform overview tailored and customized around your specific Business, Industry and Compliance requirements.
  • Single Azure workload Proof of Concept.
  • Azure defined adoption Roadmap.


  • Day 1 - Azure Overview

    • Discovery Workshop
    • 2-hour discovery workshop.
    • Initial discovery of your technical and business requirements.
    • Determine the key stakeholders, subject matter experts and scope.

    • Azure Overview Workshop
    • Azure platform walkthrough, including AI, IoT, Data Platform and Analytics, Migration & Modernization, Operations & Management, Infrastructure, Security, Business Applications, Software as a Service.
    • Focus on business relevant workloads.

  • Day 2 - Proof of Concept

    • Enablement of an Azure POC / Pilot production workload.
    • Customized data sets based on organization requirements.
    • Define your Azure Adoption Roadmap.

  • Day 3 - Feedback

    • 2-3 hour executive feedback session.
    • Executive workshop presenting findings, recommended cloud adoption strategy and high-level adoption road map.
    • Proof of Concept /Pilot results and recommendation.

    Please Note: This offer excludes Azure costs and Azure trials are limited on spend.