BUI Cyber SoC - 2-Week POC

BUI (Pty) Ltd

The BUI Cyber SoC monitors your entire IT security landscape, including On-premise, Cloud, Devices, Applications, Networks, Infrastructure and Users.

The BUI Cyber SoC provides a comprehensive and specialized Managed SoC service which runs on Microsoft Security technology, powered by modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) based infrastructure, which provides full security services around Compliance Reporting, Database, Infrastructure, Access Monitoring, Real-time Threat Monitoring and much more.

Managed and monitored by highly skilled cyber security professionals provided to you, as a service with near to no infrastructure requirements.

BUI Cyber SoC features include:

  • A birds-eye view across an enterprise.
  • Data collected at cloud scale from all sources, whether running on-premises or in any cloud.
  • The tech agnostic system integrates with existing tools (including business applications, other security products or homegrown tools), ensuring robust security.
  • Smarter, faster threat detection.
  • Pre-built queries based on years of security experience as well as built-in machine learning.
  • Scale, to meet organisational needs.

This engagement is for a 2 week Proof of Concept and include the integration of one security connector of your choice from the list of supported connectors.


Day 1: Discover

  • Discover the landscape
  • Agree on POC evaluation criteria
  • Finalise security connector and report requirements.

Day 2: Enablement

  • Azure service provisioning
  • Connector configuration
  • Onboarding

Day 3 - 13: Data Collection

Day 14: POC Results Demonstration

  • Present Cyber SoC events and findings
  • POC evaluation feedback
  • Security Roadmap Recommendations