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POPIA Compliance & Readiness: 10 Week Assessment

BUI (Pty) Ltd

POPIACheck is a Microsoft Azure based assessment allowing organisations to rapidly perform POPIA assessments and generate corrective actions for improving your compliance in accordance to the POPI Act

The Azure based solution scans Azure VM’s, Active directory and Microsoft 365 to get a view of the data, their endpoints and surface the data in an easy to understand user experience dashboard.

POPIACheck Assessor quantifies your progress towards POPIA compliance across 4 key paradigms: Policy & Strategy, Lifecycle & Process, Security and People.

Identify key risks and areas to address the organisation's needs to achieve POPIA compliance by generating prioritised corrective actions to improve POPIA compliance success as a gap assessment. This will include an audit trail of individual and team assessments and subsequent assessments will indicate the organisational maturity towards compliance.

Teams can collaborate to assess the POPIA benefits realisation, analytics and visual reports showcase the strength and risk areas of the business, with the added benefit of one-click for regulatory reports.

Compliance Reports are generated and available to the business. In the report identifications of risks and areas of improvement. Online Dashboards are available post the assessment that will detail what the organizations main focus needs to be to achieve POPI compliance.

The POPIACheck App is continually updated and improved and also in is hosted in Microsoft Azure.